Well, at least they’re consisten(ly inconsistent)

However depressing they are on other fronts, I always enjoy elections because we all get front-row media passes to watch Democrats twist themselves into logical knots. Remember all those people who said that John McCain’s proposal to allow offshore drilling wouldn’t help with the gas price thing because it would take too long to take effect? Yeah – well, those same people are tickled pink that Obama thinks he can create jobs by building more highways. When, exactly, do they think that these jobs will appear? By this afternoon? As opposed to, you know, building oil rigs, which can apparently be done without hiring any workers. Never mind that highway investment on the scale Obama is talking about is probably unnecessary anyway. I blame the public schools…

2 thoughts on “Well, at least they’re consisten(ly inconsistent)

  1. I’m confused by your logic here: how does the claim that drilling wouldn’t improve a gas problem immediately (true if they have to build the rigs first) contradict believing that starting to build highways will produce immediate jobs (presumably true if people are actually immediately hired to start that work)? If they were claiming that building rigs for offshore drilling wouldn’t produce jobs, but highway construction would, then I’d see a contradiction, but that’s not how I understood what you wrote here.

  2. Building highways has to be planned and contracted out before started. Not just in the actual roads that have to be laid, but deciding which new ones to build, where to put bridges, etc. The actual turf-laying working (which is what counts for Obama’s wholly unrealistic number of 2,000,000 new jobs) doesn’t start until later.

    However, I take your point in the sense that oil rig jobs would be delayed by the same amount. The point I was trying to make was just that you can’t use “but the effects will be DELAYED!” as an argument against McCain’s gas price plan and then turn around and take Obama’s claims that 2million jobs will magically appear overnight at face value. Leaving aside the fact that there won’t even be 2million new jobs (or even anything remotely close to that, actually), most of what “new” jobs there will be will take a couple of years to materialize. Certainly the supposed economic benefits of improved transportation will.

    But all in all, I agree I need to make this argument a bit clearer. Obama’s infrastructure plan is not the dumbest thing in his economic package, but it’s the one that cured me of my apathy, and it’s stupid for a number of reasons that aren’t covered here – so I’ll post something more detailed on why I think it’s wrong-headed this weekend.

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