Historic IDS Great Reportings from Glorious Newspaper

A double helping of Political Correctness from the IDS.

First up, Wildermuth name change to be tabled after questioning. “Wilbermuth?” you may be asking yourself. Yes, it turns out the HPER is actually named after someone. Someone from Gary who might once maybe have advocated segregation back in the 40s. You know, like pretty much everyone in the 40s. The “controversy” arises because a school administrator pointed out that segregation was a normal view to hold in the 1940s, and that Wilbermuth, who did all kinds of great things for the university, shouldn’t be held responsible for being mainstream. This didn’t stop people from bloviating in the Jordan River Forum about it being equivalent to having a KKK monument on campus. But since I’m sure no one is ever going to point out to them that Abraham Lincoln himself was a segregationist (abolitionist, but also segregationist), they can continue to imagine this other past where average joes had … pretty much the views everyone has now, save for an evil cabal of white males who forced them to act otherwise.

Second and twice as ridiculous is this bit on new Kelley Business School Poling Chair Gen. Peter Pace called Controversy sparked over Pace’s remarks. Apparently, Gen. Pace said some controversial things about gays, but you’ll have to take IDS’ word on that as they never say what these remarks might have been, why people find them offensive, or even quote Gen. Pace in any way. Rest assured that they were pretty awful, whatever they were, though, because we get quotes from all the relevant campus gay leaders telling us so. They might as well have called the article “Gay People Offended for Secret Gay Reasons.”

But the best part of today’s IDS, as usual, was the Heroic Proletarian Staff Editorial. Apparently, some prof. in California (which is why it’s relevant to IU – just nod) is in trouble for having found better things to do than attend a required sexual harrassment training seminar.

McPherson believes that the training session is a waste of his time and that it casts suspicion on his character. We think McPherson’s logic is backward. By not attending the sessions, he only makes himself appear to be more of a creeper, and by taking such a public stance against something so simple and straightforward, he is wasting everyone’s time.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they actually pulled a “when did you stop beating your wife?”. One of McPherson’s complaints is that the training session casts undue suspicion on his character, which the IDS says makes him “appear more of a creeper” … than he already is? And how do you know? Is it maybe because being forced to attend a sexual harrassment seminar casts undue suspicion on people’s character?

Another red-letter day for IU journalism. Keep it commin’, fellas!

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