C in Facts, F in Interpretation

I’m not one to defend Sarah Palin, but the 11,000+ comments on HuffingtonPost in the wake of her recent admission that she and her family used to go to Canadian hospitals when she was young seem a bit of a cheap shot. Apparently, it’s “hypocritical” of Palin to denounce Canada’s healthcare system when she herself once took advantage of it.

Yeah – only if you’re in a position to believe that 5-year-old kids are responsible for decisions that their parents make. Further, that people in general are not allowed to change their mind ever about anything, not even over a 50-year time window.

AND you have to ignore the fact that the nearby hospital in Whitehorse that Palin and her parents regularly went to when they lived in Skagway is the only one in the area. Alaska and the Yukon Territory are remote, people.

But even assuming the left’s preferred spin on this were true – that Palin’s parents were deliberately freeriding on the Canadian system – how does that possibly become an argument in favor of such systems? All that does is confirm what the right has been saying about the public option all along: that it will crowd out private options and function – intentionally or not – as a kind of trojan horse that brings us an eventual single-payer system.

If I were a left-wing supporter of single-payer healthcare, far from celebrating it, I would want this story buried.

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