UKIP, Libertarian, Whatever

TOWM quote of the day comes from Gerald Warner writing in the Daily Telegraph advocating protest votes for the UKIP in the upcoming general election:

The totalitarian forces of the “progressive consensus” rely on discouragement and the defeatist conviction that a seismic shift in power is not possible. The only effective response is for each disaffected patriot to go into the polling booth resolved, even if he is the only individual in the country to do so, to record his protest. Do not ask yourself how many will do the same – just respect your conscience and do it.

Translated into American, that’s “vote Libertarian.” (See here and here and here for some of the great many refutations of the fallacious idea that a vote for a third party is a “wasted vote.”)

One thought on “UKIP, Libertarian, Whatever

  1. Agree wholeheartedly in principle. We just need to do a lot more work advocating for our values. We also need to do a better job of promoting candidates who are bright, articulate, charasmatic, know how to debate/persuade, and are extremely skilled at bypassing a hostile media. It’s a tall order because having all that in one individual is exceedingly rare. I cannot emphasize how both necessary and difficult that last skill is. The dominant image in the public eye seems to be that free market libertarianism is the worst of all possible worlds (we come across like hedonist social hippies to the right and heartless anarchocapitalists to the left). But unless we can make a major dent here, we will always be marginalized.

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