Sometime over the next couple of weeks I’ll be moving all of my web content to a new server (I’m using Linode now, which is so far exceeding my expectations!). It’s already running at (not that there’s any content yet, mind…), though all personal content will be under I don’t have any serious complaint with Host Gator (which I signed up for in the mist-shrouded past of 2007 on a recommendation from Mr. Tweedy – and, on a quick DNS search, it looks like he’s still using them). It’s more that I’ve long since graduated beyond managed sites, and I wanted more control over my account. I don’t generate nearly enough revenue to indulge in a dedicated server (and I don’t have the time to run one out of my garage – not that that makes much sense anyway), but a VPS is just as good in most cases these days, so I went with that. For all intents and purposes, it looks like I have my own computer sitting there in Atlanta for all my web stuff, even though if you get really technical about it I’m sharing it with others. The point being: I have full root access to it, so I can install anything I want in whatever programming language I want. That matters to me, since I like to program in C++ (sue me, I’m oldskool!) and Python. Shared hosting for Python is available (though the Python versions they give you are often out of date), but good luck trying to find a shared hosting provider that will let you program in C/C++. (Although – full disclosure – if you have a Business account with HostGator and get shell access, there’s a slightly out-of-date version of gcc that you can get access to without any fishiness. I used it to install Haskell and upgrade my version of Python. It’s all unofficial, but my guess is that HostGator doesn’t actually mind you doing this – the reasoning being that if you’re good enough to poke around and find the compiler, you’re probably good enough to be trusted to run unauthorized C++ code without bringing down the house.) So I bought my own VPS slot. It’s about the same price as my old business account with HostGator was, which just goes to prove that once you know what you’re doing, shared hosting is bullshit. (Why did I waste 4 years with it?) Also, I’ve learned more about DNS in the meantime and have come to realize that HostGator’s DNS services are potentially a scam. For one thing, when I look it up online, it seems that is registered to an individual that’s not me on behalf of HostGator. So technically – meaning ask any lawyer’s opinion and this is what he will tell you – I’m paying HostGator $20/year for them to own “my” domain name. What a crock! It may be that in reality HostGator really is just parking on this to (a) save potentially ignorant people like me hassle and (b) protect my information (legally, you have to provide an address and email to register a domain name and that information goes public); it may be that if I ask them, they will graciously transfer ownership of to me. But when I recently downgraded my account they weren’t exactly smooth about it. It got done, but it required me mailing them a confirmation that wasn’t really necessary and paying a downgrade fee. Not shady, but not ideal. Well, we’ll know soon enough, since I will be requesting transfer of in about a month (it expires in October). Anyway, I checked, and is owned by an inusrance company in Virginia – but fortunately if you put my middle initial in it was available. So I bought it – paid in advance for 5 years, and pointed it to my new Linode server. The Only Winning Move will move in about a week, so all possibly 5 of you (I know, I’m such a gargantuan web presence!) who have this site bookmarked, please update your links. (Language Module – the linguistics-oriented blog I co-blog on maybe twice a year with Noah – has already moved.)

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