Not that there are many/any readers, but heads up to any regulars out there: this blog will be moving to in a couple of days. There will likely be issues with links to old entries not working; please bear with me.

2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Several. (1) It’s currently hosted on Linode, which is too expensive ($20/mo.) for this purpose. Also, there was that credit card incident earlier this year, which was sort of the proverbial last straw. I like Linode a lot, but that sort of a mind-bogglingly dumb security brainfart. My contract is up at the end of this month, and I’m moving to DigitalOcean. (2) I’ve been meaning to separate my professional and personal online identities for about a year now – The Only Winning Move belongs in the “personal identity” column; I’d like to use for professional stuff. (3) Boredom. I’ve long been dissatisfied with WordPress but just sort of too lazy to change. I’m going to try migrating to Pelican, or something similar. Scratching that itch provides more motivation for (1) and (2).

    One other idea in the works is spinning off a third TV blog. There’s not a lot of TV content here now, but there’re a lot of shows I’ve been meaning to review from beg. to end for years now, and going through Star Trek season one kind of renewed that ambition. They’re not shows you’re interested in, unfortunately – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Space: 1999 (season one), and Blakes 7 would be the big three on the list. I’ve wanted to do a Buffy blog for a really long time, and so that might happen soon.

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