If We’re Being Honest

The way we all knew early on that Black Lives Matter was a crock was that responding with "All Lives Matter" got you labeled racist. If they’d started with "insensitive," they might have had a point. But they started with "racist." When you pointed out that it’s orwellian to call something its opposite, they’d say it was rhetoric – the strong statement was necessary to get attention and shock people out of their comfort zone. But no one was fooled by this. We all speak English, and we all know that there’s no context in which "All Lives Matter" means anything racist, and that the only people who were going to buy this argument are the usual intellectually insecure liberals who think proclaiming belief in obviously false statements makes them smart. It just makes them dupes.

Here’s a BLM supporter wearing a shirt that clears up the ambiguity:


The shirt is absolutely correct, and that’s the irony. All lives can’t matter until black lives matter, ergo rallying behing "All Lives Matter" includes black people. "Black lives matter" just includes black people. It doesn’t include hispanics or asians or whites or anyone else. It’s always meant exactly what BLM said it didn’t: "we care about black lives, and that’s all we know right now." So, thanks for the belated honesty, I guess, but I didn’t actually need it.

In other BLM news – Chanelle Helm, BLM organizer in Louisville, has a list of 10 ways white people can help, and they’re all "give us free handouts," with a couple of exceptions for hitting people and getting them fired. There’s no talk of investing in black people, rebuilding black culture, helping black people find jobs, or making sure the police are fair. It’s all ways white people can just hand them cash. Or possibly fight each other. So, again, thanks for the belated honesty, but we’ve actually been hip to the truth that BLM is a tawdry shakedown racket for three years now.

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